We drive innovations forward

ARTAVO has prepared a number of e-commerce technology providers for entry into the market in Germany and the UK with success, and is currently in the process of providing support for the implementation of the strategies developed. We are not in a position to give the names of all of our clients at this stage but we can reveal this much: our clients in this segment are software providers who offer e-commerce solutions, and many online traders are already making use of their services. ARTAVO has come up with marketing and business plans for these companies, established their indirect channel of distribution, and developed and implemented partnership models. In addition to all this, it continues to provide them with crucial strategic advice by analysing the relevant market and competitive situations and offering guidance on the selection of locations. By preparing their technical localisation strategies, we make a significant contribution to the success of our clients in new markets. ARTAVO organises the entire partner network and ensures its clients have the support they need to set up a British or German subsidiary.